Bespoke Watches

We have partnered with the world’s leading bespoke watch specialist – Titan Black – to offer tailored and customised watches, according to your specific needs, preferences and tastes. No matter how diverse or complicated the request, we can accommodate a variety of modifications that enhance couture time-pieces, provide an element of exclusivity and rarity, without compromising the quality, spirit and history of the original product.
Titan Black are a team of elite wristwatch specialists who customize high-end timepieces from brands including Rolex, AudemarsPiguet and Panerai to create beautiful and individual bespoke designs. They are based in Mayfair, London and, due to their long standing family history in the Luxury and Horology industries, have a proven understanding of how to enhance an iconic watch without compromising its quality, spirit, or history. On their website, there is a section called “Design Your Own”, which is an editor that displays the most popular components for customization. Titan Black can also alter the face of your watch with any combination of colors, patterns, text, logos and images in order to create a truly distinctive and personalized timepiece to perfectly compliment your tastes and personality, whether for your own Collection or for someone special.